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By definition, zero-energy home is a building with zero net energy consumption, meaning the total amount of energy used by the building on an annual basis is roughly equal to the amount of renewable energy created on location. A zero energy home combines advanced engineering and superior building systems with energy efficiency, on-site solar panels and geothermal technology to produce a better home. It is also these innovations that make zero energy homes inherently more durable, comfortable, quiet, sustainable and most importantly, affordable

Simply put zero energy developments are built to a higher standard, so you’ll breathe cleaner, fresher air, enjoy the quiet nature of concrete and steel construction and be able to regulate your environment in a much more comfortable way, free from allergens and toxins.

From then first day you move in to your zero energy home the total cost of living is lower than that of a comparable standard home. Zero energy innovations will protect you from a rapid rise in energy prices indefinitely.

Global climate change is today’s most pressing issue and most North American want to take

meaningful action. Buildings alone are responsible for 40% of the total energy used in the North America. Zero energy homes can potentially be one of the largest contributing factors of a reduced carbon future. Simply living in a zero energy home means you are taking meaningful steps to ethical consumerism.


the benefits of sustainable, zero energy living

Combat Climate Change

The combination of design, building techniques, and technologies that go into a zero energy building all result in a space that produces net zero carbon emissions.

Invest Wisely

A home is an important purchase in your life. Since today’s zero energy homes are built to tomorrow’s standards and cost less to own from day one, your investment will pay off, from the very first day to the last.

Lower Cost of Ownership

A zero energy home has no energy bills. Your home immediately costs less to own than a similar standard home.

Insurance From High Energy Pricing

With a zero energy home, you pay the same amount over time – zero or close to zero – because you generate as much energy as you produce.

Increased Resale Value

Durability, sustainability and innovation are all factored in when you choose to sell your zero energy home, garnering a higher resale value.

Be An Influencer

By living in a zero energy home you are leading the way to carbon free living all while being on the cutting-edge of innovation, sustainability and durability.

Low Maintenance

Due to its durable, airtight construction and fresh air system, zero energy homes are low maintenance and easy to keep clean. No moisture means no mold or water damage. Fresh filtered air means less dust and easier cleaning.

Smaller Water Bills

Zero energy homes include geothermal heating, cooling and water, energy and water saving dishwashers, washing machines and toilets and are equipped with “water sense” controls on faucets and showers to save on water and energy in your home.

Durability Creates Legacy

The building techniques and materials used in zero energy homes are more durable than those used in standard homes so they last longer and require less upkeep.

Cleaner, Fresher Indoor Air

Built with airtight walls, zero energy buildings and homes incorporate very energy efficient fresh air systems. These advanced ventilation systems provide pre-heated or pre-cooled fresh, filtered air.

A Passive Advantage

Zero energy homes are designed and built using passive solar design principles, making the most of natural daylight

Year Round Comfort

A zero energy home has a highly energy efficient, quiet, and innovative geo thermal system for heating and cooling, making your home exceptionally pleasant, all the time.

Healthy Homes

Zero energy homes are constructed with non-toxic finishes, materials and surfaces, and utilize advanced fresh air systems. The result is a healthier home to live in.

Relax in Peace and Quiet

A zero energy home has very well insulated walls, triple-pane windows and is built to be airtight with innovative concrete and steel construction and soundproofing ensuring your space is nice and quiet, free from outside noises.

Enjoy a Clean Energy Source

Living in a zero energy home gives you freedom from carbon pollution. The energy used in your home is created from clean, renewable energy from the solar panels and Advanced Geothermal technologies.

On The Path To Positive Living

If you conserve more electricity than average, your zero energy home can generate more than you use, turning it into a positive energy home.

Get Instant Hot Water

By centrally locating the hot water heater or using an energy saving circulating geo thermal hot water system, most zero energy homes are designed to conserve hot water.

Put The Lights On

A zero energy home often uses strategically placed energy saving LED lights for bright light where you need it and soft light where you want it.  

Enjoy Quick and Accurate Cooking

Many zero energy homes use energy-efficient induction stove tops, instead of polluting gas ranges, so you can cook meals faster and with more precise temperature control.