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the pathway to zero energy living
We are an ethical development company, inspired by sustainability, durability and zero energy innovation. This is our niche.

Our purpose is to develop sustainable zero energy homes and buildings to help create long term infrastructure for zero carbon communities. To meet the global carbon emission goals set by world leaders at the 2015 Paris Climate Change Conference, we will all need to be living, working, and commuting with net zero energy use by 2050.

As Western Canada’s premier zero energy developer, we understand the need to change how we live, travel and consume. We recognize that NOW is the time to star on the path towards zero energy living in our personal lives, in our businesses and community developments. We believe everyone has a role in environmental stewardship, and zero energy living is the best way to advocate for a social and economical shift towards real sustainability.

Niche developments goal is to construct buildings that produce enough renewable energy to accommodate the building consumption (Tenant space and common property). Through the development of our building design, we are able to achieve sustainable long term energy consumption reductions, and with a little innovation, we believe our zero energy goal is achievable in the near future.

We only build durable buildings, that are constructed with precast concrete, structural steel and the best insulation techniques to ensure that the building is weather proof, and can last a lifetime or longer. Our buildings are constructed for long term strength, and future renovations.

Niche redeveloped the building assembly to be able to achieve sustainable construction practices that enable us to minimize waste, minimize energy costs, and build at an un-paralleled speed in construction schedule.

Zero Energy Innovation

the evolution of sustainable development

We believe zero energy innovation to be the application of better ideas and solutions to meet or exceed existing and future social, economical and ecological need of society and our planet. The pathway to Zero energy living and carbon free developments is accomplished through more effective and innovative proprietary and partner products, design and engineering processes and applied zero energy technologies.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is renewable heat energy generated and stored in the Earth. The geothermal gradient, which is the difference in temperature between the core of the planet and its surface, drives a continuous conduction of thermal energy in the form of heat from the core to the surface.

Low temperature geothermal sources can be utilized to heat and cool residential and commercial buildings by installing heat pump systems. High temperature (240° C+) sources can be extracted with standard well drilling technology in the form of hot water or steam to power turbines and produce clean, renewable electrical energy.

Niche developments is an leader in affordable and practical geothermal technologies. Western Canada has ample source of usable ground-heat to heat your home all winter, and cool enough ground to use as a source of air conditioning in the summer. We are committed to constant research and innovative development of our geothermal systems for cooling, heating, water and power generation.

Solar Power

Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity, using photovoltaics. Solar PV has specific advantages as an energy source: once installed, its operation generates no pollution and no greenhouse gas emissions, an provides simple scalability in respect of power needs.

Niche uses solar energy for as much energy creation as possible. This includes hot water generation & power generation. Each project will be designed to suit site conditions and design constraints.

Passive heating & cooling

Passive heating & cooling techniques include orientating the house for maximized sun exposure, using materials like concrete that store sun heat and naturally regulates internal temperatures, and using greenery and trees for shade and sun block in the summer. These passive heating and cooling techniques have a dramatic impact on yearly overall heating and cooling costs.

Building Envelope & Insulation

The building envelope is the physical separator between the interior and exterior of a building. Components of the envelope are typically: walls, floors, roofs, fenestrations and doors. Fenestrations are any opening in the structure: windows, skylights, clerestories, etc.

Concrete & Steel construction is the future of zero energy developments. Concrete & Steel combined with contemporary insulating techniques, advanced air/moisture barriers, and energy efficient windows & doors creates the best building envelope possible.

Without this effort and detail to our building envelope, our geothermal system would not be as efficient, and energy costs would be higher.

Proprietary concrete pre-cast system

Precast concrete is a construction product produced by casting concrete in a reusable mold or "form" which is then cured in a controlled environment, transported to the construction site and lifted into place.

Precast panels are only used within ranges of exterior and interior walls. Compressed in concrete and stone, creating a solid but maneuverable wall or face.

As leaders in structural design, Niche Developments in partnership with our structural engineer develop proprietary structural systems utilizing readily available local components. Our buildings are designed for high quality concrete floor systems, which allow for low sound transmission, are non combustible and mold resistant.


Our ventilation is achieved with an advanced mechanical HVAC system working in combination with geothermal heat pumps, to ensure all residents have a constant source of fresh air, free of allergens and regulating temperature controlled suites.

Zero Energy Sustainability

zero energy living is simply better

NICHE defines sustainability as a goal for human-ecosystem equilibrium and the endurance of systems and processes. We believe sustainable development refers to the holistic approach and temporal processes that lead us to the end point of sustainability, ethical development and ethical consumerism.

Building methods

We believe that what we build should not rot, burn or mold. We design and construct the building as an assembly, not individual components. Our projects are a sum of their parts, designed to work integrally together but to be most efficient in design, construction and energy use. We understand wood frame buildings are cheaper to frame, but when all life time costs are added up, wood frame buildings are very expensive. We buy homes for a lifetime, and should look at lifetime costs, not short term cost and short term gain.

Building ideology

We design our projects to be useable, liveable spaces, that integrate with their surroundings, minimize pollution, waste and energy. We look at each component of each system to evaluate its potential to improve our current design. We take as much care behind the drywall as we do in front of the drywall. We believe that any resident of a niche developments project will be proud of where they live.

Technological Applications

We design our buildings for the future. As an example, we install Cat6 cable in our suites. We no longer install telephone cables or coaxial cables in our suites as this technology is several years out of date and has no future use. We install fibre optic cable to our buildings, and connect the suites directly to this. This gives all residents the faster possible internet connection available today. We appreciate our Telus© partnership in bringing fibre service to our projects.

Development - Eco-system Equilibrium

We believe that utilizing solar energy, geothermal heating and cooling, and other alternate energy generation sources, we can live in equilibrium with our environment. We try to manage fish stocks, cattle stock, grain stocks,

but few tries to balance energy created vs consumed, until now. We develop projects to enable people to live in balance with their surroundings considering all aspects of the building construction, maintenance and energy consumption for the life cycle of the building.

Ethical Development

Our goal is to help generations of buyers grow their investment and keep their operating costs low. We believe that EVERYONE should be able to afford high quality low cost housing. We will never be the “ Exclusive Luxury Builder of Choice”, that is not our niche. We are the developer who believes in high quality affordable housing for everyone.

We believe in reducing waste and recycling, as well as increasing efficiency to reduce overall operating costs - to leave our clients a better building. We try to reduce the building energy consumption to zero. We believe this to be a zero energy building.

We actually stand by our quality and workmanship. We are proud of our buildings and we believe in leaving a high quality product that lasts more than a lifetime. Niche publicly commits to pay for costs associated to fix any construction deficiency, error or design flaw. We do not believe anyone should have to pay to fix original errors, mistakes or design flaws.

Developers have a duty to consumers to build properly from the start. Buying a home is the single largest purchase in dollar value most people ever make; consumers should not be penalized in the future by poor quality builders. Purchasers can take comfort in our warranty program, knowing their investment is protected.

Cost Certainty

Niche has developed cost certainty in its projects due to our design and planning process. Our precast and prefab components help in reducing waste and energy, thus giving higher levels of cost certainty in our projects.

The Durability of Concrete and Steel
& Steel

the future of zero energy developments

Civilizations have been building with concrete and steel for generations. The Empire State building in New York in 1930, was built using structural steel, hot rivets and concrete poured in place floors. We build using similar ideas and framing techniques, with the latest technology. Steel and concrete construction can last centuries compared to wood frame buildings. Steel and concrete constructed buildings require minimal lifetime structural maintenance, and are generally renovated and repurposed several times over, with an unlimited life span in our life time.

Fire and Mold Proof

Our construction methodologies do not encourage mold growth or allow mold growth to hurt or damage the structure. Several buildings have had massive mold repairs and building envelope repairs only a few years after construction. Niche doe not construct buildings that could be damaged structurally by mold. Our buildings are considered non-combustible construction by Building Code and Fire Code, and when built with a sprinkler system, the buildings will not burn during a fire, and can be repaired after.

Fiscal and Environmental value

When less energy is consumed, consumers (home owners / tenants) save money. When living in a niche building, you know you are helping meet our global pollution reduction targets, and saving money at the same time. Lets find otherways to save our planet, save our money, and live better.


Everyone wants a good investment. Good investments last a lifetime, cost little to operate and hold a long term value, that increases. Our projects redefine property investment; our long term operation costs, durability and sustainability add to investors bottom line.


All tenants and buyers receive the lowest possible insurance rates as our buildings are non- combustile. Tenant insurance and owner insurance costs less than compared to wood frame buildings..

Why Concrete & Steel Developments